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Toad Replica Collection


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The Mayan Mushroom Cult

The ancient Mayans used hallucinogenic plants to produce altered states of consciousness for spiritual purposes. Psychedelic mushrooms specifically, were used among Mesoamerican cultures for over 2000 years, the strongest archaeological evidence being the existence of "mushroom stones," carved stone objects from highland Guatemala depicting anthropomorphic figures.

Original stones depicting various animals and gods. Source: https://www.mushroomstone.com/

Only a handful of these stones have been discovered, so I felt inspired to create a few myself, for our sacred spaces <3.

My Artistic Interpretations

For the past 5 months, I've taught myself how to use anything from clay, plaster to concrete. Failure after failure, and using the methodology of trial and error, until the correct process was found.

My Berlin workshop

Starting with the Psychedelic Toad

The Mayans created different mushroom stone designs, mostly depicting wild animals and deities. Through my research, I came across a toad design, yet the original piece wasn't well preserved. I thought why not bring it back to life!

Side comparison of original toad sculpture, with own design layout

... and here it is, my first mushroom stone sculpture!

Dramatic shot <3

Different angles of the sculpture

Each piece is unique and hand made. I use reinforced concrete, which I first design with clay, mold, cast and then carve/file, stain & seal. The entire production takes 4 weeks, as concrete needs at least 3 weeks to cure. They come finished in 4 colours:

midnight black



snow white

Context picture in color. Terracotta version

Making 10 pieces

I'm making 10 pieces of the Psychedelic Toad design. Each is numbered, comes with a certificate of authenticity by me the artist.


How do I order?

Please, contact me via hello(at)alexandermain.com

How much do they cost?

300€ + shipping (import taxes may apply). Shipping must be individually calculated.

What's in the box?

Sculpture, certificate of authenticity and number.

Why so expensive/inexpensive?

Each sculpture takes more than 10 hours of direct labor to produce not including tools and material costs. At 300€, I'm barely reaching minimum wage, though money isn't my motivation, rather my love to create.

Why limited edition only?

I make sculptures as a way of "self art therapy", thus mass-production would take both the magic and the therapeutical effect away. Also, It's art, not a product.

How big/heavy are they?

Around 27cm in height, and 2.7kg in weight (ish)

How long until you ship my order?

At least 4 weeks upon payment. Curing time of the concrete alone is minimum 3 weeks.

It's sold out, what can I do now?

Stay tuned as I might do Kickstarter project and produce a few more designs (also as limited editions). Sign up for my newsletter here to receive news or send me an email to hello(at)alexandermain.com.

Do you offer custom designs?

Depending on my schedule, I might take commission work. If you wish a completely

unique piece, e.g. a mushroom stone with your own 'spirit animal', I might be able to help, though expect a 2-2.5x increase in price/production time.

You seem obsessed with mushrooms, why?

I've been battling trauma-induced depression for most of my adult life. The SSRIs (antidepressants) medication had horrible side-effects on my mental well-being. A life-changing and profound healing experience with Psilocybin mushrooms has arguably saved my life.