I’m guided by the worldview that all things are connected with each other. I try not, therefore, to classify things too narrowly — both in my life and my work. In the simplest terms, I see myself as a multi-disciplinary creator whose interests span from science to art to the mystical.


Triggered by the entheogenic mushroom experience, my work explores the reintegration of we humans into nature, and nature into us. From growing living pieces out of fungi, to researching mycelium as a biodegradable material, to reinterpreting ancient visionary art, I find myself in a constant stream of ideation and rediscovery of elements — of which I feel emotionally and intellectually connected to. 


My journey, which began over two years ago after a "fuck-it-I-go-artist-moment", and solidified during the COVID lockdown, has been a blissful yet intense period of non-stop experimentation, self-teaching and self-exploration. However, I feel proud to be mastering my craft, shipping pieces to collectors world-wide, establishing a loyal following base, and developing collaborations with fellow artists. 



Upcoming Exhibitions:


  • 2022 - San Francisco (details tba)

  • Sept. 2022 - Holy Children, Museo del Hongo, Berlin

Past Exhibitions:

  • Ongoing - Mayer Pavilion, Berlin

  • 3-5 Dec. 2021 - Eyesquare Kunsthalle, Berlin

  • 23-24 Oct. 2021 - Unifying Gate Festival, Berlin

  • Ongoing - Untergeschoss der Pandora Art Gallery, Berlin

  • 10 Oct. 2021 - *D*R*E*A*M* Festival, Berlin

  • 15-19 Sept. 2021 - "These are all my fails", Berlin Art Week, private installation, Berlin



  • HundHund - Bridging the Gap Between Sculpture and Mycology: Studio Visit with Alexander Main.