• This stone sculpture is the restult of 2 years of learning sculpting, and blending my fascination with fungi, ancient history and visionary art together. This piece, is a replica of a Maya artefact found in highland Guatemala, dating back some 2.000 years ago. Together with a few other "Mushroom Stones", it is the strongest archaeological evidence suggesting the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms among pre-Colombian Mesoamerican cultures. This specific piece, depicting the effigy of a shaman or deity, is currently at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich, though I literally had a friend make videos and pictures for me, and I got pretty close I think. I have experimented, tested, and developed my own recipe and technique for achieving the desired look, color and texture, involving a mix of clay modelling, carving, and the use of quartz and volcanic ash.

    Each piece I’m making is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. They will vary ever so slightly, as they're all handmade, including the packaging. They come at around 26cm in hight, and around 3,2 kg in weight. Finally - with my goal of slowly becoming a shaman myself - I'll be blessing each of the stones in a ceremony at my early version of “The Temple”, so to awaken the spirit of the mushroom within.

    Teonanácatl, quartz/volcanic ash, 26cm, edition of 10 (4 left)

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