This small collection of 12 Mushroom Stones can be collected for a discounted price, as part of the "Holy Children" exhibition by Museo Del Hongo, in Berlin. They must be picked up in person after the exhibit.

Read first:

How to order?

The full amount must be paid in cash, or via Paypal to: stating the number of the sculpture and contact details (email + phone number). Once I receive the confirmation, I will mark your piece as sold. 

How/when to collect them?

All pieces must be collected in person at the end of the exhibition on 18.09 at "Kastanien Berlin" Boppstraße 2, 10967 Berlin, Germany (to be confirmed). They won't be shipped. I will share more details via email. 

What materials are they made of?

The black ones in black ceramics. The rest in cast-stone (mix of quartz sand/limestone).

What is (F)?

Stones marked with an F, are the last remaining "fails" from 3 sold out limited collections I've done in the past. These particular copies have some little imperfections there and there. They were never sent to the collectors, but you can have them at a mush reduced price.​ Take a good look during the exhibit.

Are they signed?

Yes. They also include a certificate of authenticity.

More questions?

Hit me up via email

Thanks for purchasing my work. Each sale pushes me a bit further in my journey.

Mush Love,